If you are interested in advertising on Hikari Chord please contact us at:

Here are some options in determining your advertising:

Banner Ads

We offer you the best prices for advertising on our website:

  • 1 Month: $10
  • 2 Months: $17
  • 3 Months: $25

You can also enter your banner on our safelink with half prices. The size of the banner is chosen by the client according to the availability of space on our blog to place the banner. Banner size options: 1:1, 9:16, 16:9.

How it works:

  1. Clients contact us first via email or other address listed.
  2. We will provide conditions for the client to agree.
  3. The client provides a link directed to the blog or business that the client has and an image for the banner to be displayed.
  4. We will provide a choice of places to place the approved banner.
  5. Banners will be installed within 1 hour after approval.
  6. After providing proof of the banner being installed, we will provide a payment address via Paypal.
  7. Banners will be installed according to the duration that the client ordered.
  8. 7 days before the duration ends, we will send a message to the client via email that the duration will expire soon and offer to extend or end the deal.
  9. If the Client chooses to extend, we will provide a fee according to what is stated.
  10. If the client wants to change the banner, a fee of 2$ will be charged and the banner will be installed after payment.

Sponsored Posts

Unlike banner ads, sponsored posts will be remain on our blog permanently. Therefore, we offer a price of 25-50$ per post. Before you decide to include your sponsored post on our blog, you are advised to consider:

  • Have contents related to our content (Music, Japanese, Guitar Chords/Tabs).
  • We do not expect cancellation to the transaction after the deal.
  • We will include the "Sponsored Post" in our page section, not the post section to maintain the consistency of our blog content.
  • You can get lower prices for promoted posts on our safelink.
  • Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
How it works:
  1. Clients contact us first via email or other addresses listed.
  2. We will provide terms and conditions for clients to agree.
  3. The client provides a file in pdf format which will be used as a sponsored post.
  4. We will determine the price to be given for the sponsored post and the client can bid on the price if it is deemed inappropriate.
  5. Sponsored posts will be posted first and checked by the client whether they are appropriate.
  6. If it is appropriate, the Client will be asked to make a payment that has been agreed by both parties via Paypal (We will send the Paypal address).
Safelink Provider

We provide files for visitors to download, such as pdf files for chords, music and chord lists. By default we use Up-4-Ever for regular speed visitors. Besides Up-4-Ever, we also store files on Google Drive with a faster download speed. We will use safelinks from other blogs for the Google Drive download link. So we offer you to become a provider of these safelinks at a price of 8$ per post and will be stored for 5 months on our blog. If you want to change the destination link, you can contact us with some verification first with 2$ fees.

  • The currency for the payment above is based on USD. Payments using other currencies are allowed on condition that they have the same value as the specified price.
  • Visitors to this website are estimated to reach 10000-15000 visitors per month consisting of various countries.
  • Payments are made via paypal and the address will be sent after approval with the client.

For more questions, please contact us from email above.

We will revert you as soon as possible.

Thank You.

Hikari Chord Team.


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